Sunday, February 26, 2017

Changes to the Waiver Process for the 2018 Season

The 2017 season was a long one.  Oh, man... it was long.  I think that was more about my hockey pool team and how bad the Canucks were, more than anything else, but it was a long year.

There was a lot of thinking this season, especially surrounding the Waiver Draft and how they went this year... I have come to the point in my Excel spreadsheet setup that I think things can be a little bit easier and a little more flexible in the years to come.  I used to do the Waiver Draft, because that was two times in the year, where I had to spend a lot of time herding cats and then doing a mass input and changeover from dropped to picked players.  I have made many improvements over the last couple of years, that I think I will be able to make a change for next season.

I will cease operation of the Waiver Drafts and will move to a week-by-week Waiver System.

The biggest complaints I have had over the past couple of years is that players would get hurt in Week One, Two or Three and they wouldn't be able to do anything until Week Eight or Week Nine.  Yes, that is a bit of a letdown, but the risk was the same for everyone.

Since I'm not a Yahoo! or professional service, where the computers do most of the work, I will offer a weekly Waiver System, which would run parallel to the week-by-week functions of the pool, Monday to Sunday points with an audit before the start of every week.

With that being said, next season, I will start a Waiver System where you can make a claim on a player at any point in the week and immediately after the audit for weekly points has concluded, the selections will be made, based on the standing of the selecting teams, as the selections are made.

If Kristy & Don were to lose Jonathan Quick in the first game of the season next year, they would be able to stake a claim on Peter Budaj that day to try and pick him up for a replacement.  VERY IMPORTANT to note, the duo were not the last place team in the standings after Week One this year, so if any one of the nine teams below were to notice Quick going down and Budaj becoming the new number one, like Marcin, who lost Ondrej Pavelec to the minors, he would be able to put a claim on Budaj and on that Monday, he would claim Budaj for his own.

It will be recommended that if you do lose a player to a long-term injury and you are in need of a replacement player, you should offer up a quick list of players that you would want, ranked in order of who you'd want, to replace your player.

In this system, you will be able to change five players through the year and there will be a cut-off of the trade deadline week for any movements before the end of the season.  The Sunday in the same week of trade deadline day, will be the last day for any waiver movement and that Monday, those players will take affect.

This move will make the pool far more competitive and hopefully, it will make the mini-games a little more interesting as well, depending on what they are.

Any thoughts or concerns?
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