Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Blockbuster Day

Well, I didn't get home before the big deal of the day. I didn't think posting twice on the new site at work was a wise decision, but anyways... here I'll go.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTo Ottawa: Dany Heatley, F
Image hosted by Photobucket.comTo Atlanta: Marian Hossa, F & Greg de Vries, D

Both Heatley and Hossa signed new contracts as well, both with Ottawa... of course Hossa got dealt afterwards, but they are both off the Restricted Free Agent market, which means they will be in camp in a few weeks.

These two forwards are both first rounders, or should be, in anyone's pool. Heatley's growth as a sniper and his talented (potential) linemates should make him a quality target for anyone. Hossa on the other hand should be considered to be a mid-first rounder on his durability and scoring. After a few of the obvious big point guys, you couldn't go wrong by picking Hossa.

The trickle down effect also will look good on guys like Alfredsson and maybe reflect a bit poorly on Kovalchuk... but the changes aren't major. Alfredsson will benefit from the overall talent of Heatley and Kovalchuk will lose a few more tape-to-tape passes, each resulting in possible changes to their normal production.

Let's not forget Greg de Vries... he becomes Atlanta's potential number two defenseman. I would forecast only 30 points for him, because he's not really the offensive talent that other teams have as a number two d-man, but he can provide some punch on the scoreboard.

Result of the deal... I've gotta give it to the Senators for the win. Both on the ice and in the pocket book (only signing for $4.5 million US), Heatley is a steal.

Stay tuned for more tips for this season's hockey pool.

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