Saturday, November 26, 2005

December 10th

Hey all... the plan is going to be that we meet at the Wildfire on Saturday, December 10th, around 2pm to get together, use our discount cards, hand out some prizes and swap our most disliked players.

So, Doug's Deadbeats could get rid of Kenny Jonsson (0 points in 0 games) or Rick Nash can leave the Langdon River Dogs (0 points in 3 games)... to make way for Sami Salo and Ilya Kovalchuk, respectively.

The waiver draft will work as this... it will be a draft process, from last to first we'll pick in each round, so as it stands today, THE Team will pick first, Thanx For Comin' Out will go second and so on, in each round. The draft will stop when no players will need to be picked up or dropped. So you can drop as many as you need to pick up that many.

You must swap a forward for a forward, a defenseman for a defenseman and a goalie for a goalie... and the only the points count from after you take them on your team. Their points so far this season will not count towards your total. Good?? Good.

There will be a list of available players with me at the Wildfire... and if you need to know who you have on your team, click on this link (e-mail me!!) and I will send you a list.

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