Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tenative Date for the Draft

Since the schedule was released yesterday for the 2006/'07 NHL Season, I can now officially give you an unofficial date for the big draft day. The season will begin on Wednesday, October 4 and I will hold the draft one week beforehand, on September 27, also a Wednesday.

This pool will be very reminscent of years past... with the same amount of effort (if not more).

Teams will consist of 8 forwards, 4 defensemen & 2 goalies... 1 point for goals & assists and 2 points for wins & shutouts. Last year's pool went down like a charm, see the standings here. This coming season, there will be dedicated webspace with everyone's team posted and updated regularly and it'll be $50 a head. I'll be capping the number of teams at a maximum of 30, with the likelihood reaching about 20-25.

There will be two waiver drafts to drop poor players and pick up better players (dates will be announced soon), so everyone who is involved should be around his/her e-mail constantly for updates.

Mark September 27th on your calendars... it should be a doozy! I will have a pub booked for the draft soon, so stay tuned.

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