Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 All-Star Game Results in the Draft

2011 All-Star Game LogoWell, that was one hell of an All-Star Game this year and a 10-9 game for Team Lidstrom was exactly what the doctor ordered for the case of entertainment doldrums you may have been suffering.

The game was quick, there were some pretty goals, the personalities were all on display and the whole thing was an overwhelming success.  I know what you're asking though, 'how did the All-Star Game look according to the breakdown in the draft?'  Well, let me tell you.

Leading the way among all the All-Stars were Loui Eriksson and Shea Weber, who each finished with 4 points each, Eriksson getting the tie-break with a pair of goals to his name this year.  He was the pool MVP of the game, while the fans voted for Patrick Sharp as the game's MVP.  Very fair, Sharp was on his way to a 4-point game as well, if he didn't have an assist taken away from a 1st period goal.  Eriksson potted an empty-netter in the last couple minutes to raise his stock to the top of the table.

Eriksson was Larry's bread and butter in the standings, being one of four players on his team in the game, but he had just fallen short of the highest total.  Leon, who has Weber on his team, added Kris Letang and Rick Nash to his scoring total, picking up 8 points on only three players.  That's a good night at the All-Star Game.

Pool TeamPlayersPoints
Kristy and Don67
John P.33
Don D.33
Dale B.20
Grand Total4261

Unfortunately, unless you've made some bets on the side, there is no actual prize for winning the All-Star Game in the pool. For the three teams in the draft that didn't have any players in the All-Star Game, they should be glad there is no prize for it all, that way they didn't lose out on anything.

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