Monday, September 12, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey Pool

Well, it wasn't the awesome event that I was hoping for, but for those of you to show up, all seven of you, I hope that the pool makes the tournament a little more interesting for you, I am pretty sure it will for me!

So, for a quick recap of how the draft actually went, I have posted the results on the website, which you could access through the standings page, but I will include a link right here as well.

Everything was posted online last night, having only eight teams made the process really easy and not quite as time-consuming as a 27-team draft, so that's good.  The diversity of the teams and their strategies, if there were any, was very interesting to watch and it should make for a very entertaining couple of weeks.

The tournament officially gets started on Saturday and we'll have a few more pre-tournament games to be played this week and it will all be covered with a slant towards the pool, of course.  Our 8-team pool, taking 15 players each, will cover 120 of the 184 players that are playing in the tourney, so the better part of everyone will get some good coverage.

It was $20 a head to join, so we'll make it a winner-take-all contest... a cool $160 for our winner, no expenses taken from this pot... that's the regular season's job!

Good luck everyone... we'll see you again in a few weeks!

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