Thursday, April 04, 2019

Morning Player Notes (Apr 4)

One healthy scratch that was overlooked before the Calgary Flames taking on the Anaheim Ducks when the line rushes were published yesterday afternoon was Elias Lindholm getting the night off ahead of the playoff run.  The Flames dropped that game against the Ducks, but they really pared down their roster to the bare essentials to play, rather than icing their best team.  The Flames have one more game left, the Saturday night finale against the Edmonton Oilers.

Kristy & Don are seeing their team sputter a bit here in the last week, now 5 points behind 2nd place and they're watching Jesse's team come up behind them rather quickly.  Jesse's team has gained 9 points on them already this week, but still has 14 points to go to catch them.  It will be interesting to see how that race plays out, especially if the duo are seeing their players scratched.

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