Monday, October 16, 2006

Malkin Mended??

Well, you either have him still or you've dropped him hesistantly if you're reading this article. The news out of Pittsburgh says that Malkin will now be ready to go on Wednesday as the Penguins take on the Devils. Malkin, the blue-chip prospect, left the first pre-season game after falling over teammate John LeClair. If this is the case, then Malkin will be way ahead of the original schedule that the Penguins had out for him. There was a lot of concern that Malkin wouldn't see any action until November, but as the days wore on, his condition was improving at a radical pace.

The Hockey News rated Malkin at an 80+ point player... there is a chance that he could do a point a game. He won't see 82 games, rather closer to 75... so 80 points is still possible. Did you keep him? Do you want to pick him up now?

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