Friday, October 20, 2006

News Going Into The Weekend

We all know how badly the Flames are playing at the moment... but the silver lining is that they're not the Philadelphia Flyers. A team that is mired with performance issues, injury problems, management meddling... it's no wonder that the Flyers are in last of their division. For all you poolies out there who usually think the Flyers are a lock for some serious scoring, myself included... fear more... 'cuz it doesn't look like it's going to get better.

Last night, the Flyers lost Peter Forsberg to a wrist injury in the game against Tampa Bay. X-rays were negative, but it was diagnosed as a sprain. Forsberg's status will probably be updated this afternoon. Forsberg was only taken once in the pool, however... so the impact of his loss, may not be so great. The Flyers aren't scoring anyways, so the forecast for secondary scoring is about the same as before the injury.

Did you drop him? Did ya? It's kind of a stupid question from me... 'cuz I know who did and who didn't. I know he did and... he did. Evgeni Malkin looks like the real deal and it wouldn't really surprise me to see a drop of a lower quality centre in Box 20 to be replaced by the young Russian centre. I know Chris Drury is also a favourite now in the box, but Malkin is doing the job in Pittsburgh. 3 points in 2 games isn't a bad start.

Let's face it, the big news so far in the NHL season is the slumping giants this year. The Senators are another prime example. Even with the return of off-season acquisition Joe Corvo, they could only muster one goal against the Avalanche at home in the loss. There are a lot of health concerns floating around Jason Spezza at the moment. The big speculation around the media and such is that his back isn't even close to 100%. It was surgically repaired over the summer, but fears and doubts are a plenty. Here's hoping he kept his receipt for warranty purposes.

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