Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here Come The Kids...

If opening night wasn't a good indicator for what the season will be like, I don't know what will be. Goals, a couple shootouts & a shutout. Welcome back, guys... we've missed you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt didn't take long before the Calder Trophy race became the hottest one... in my opinion.

Myself, personally, I wouldn't be afraid to draft Alexander Ovechkin (pictured) in my pool... and I have in another pool other than my Wildfire pool. His two goals against Columbus last night only gives more proof that he'll be the man in Washington, as if to think no one thought so already.

Not to be overshadowed (not like he will) is Sidney Crosby. The media sensation in Pittsburgh also registered an assist against the Devils and he will be a quality pick this season as well. How high is really up to you though... I have seen him go as high as 3rd overall.

As of today and days before... Ovechkin is my prediction for the Calder Trophy. He will be the man in Washington and the rookie to watch in this awesome class.

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