Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well, my poolie friends... just like any other year, injuries happen. Some of them, as shocking as it sounds, happen right away in the season. Hopefully, you and your team have not been affected by these unfortunate incidents...

Mats Sundin has a fractured orbital bone after taking a puck to the face... 4 to 6 weeks. Ouch! More than likely, if he puts on a visor when he comes back right away, he may be back in that month timeframe. Sundin is usually a pretty high pick when it comes to the pool and not a guy you wanna lose for too long. Jeff O'Neill has also been sidelined with a shoulder injury. I still haven't seen how long he'd be out for, but a shoulder has a real bad potential to it... especially if it is serious.

Anyone take a gamble on Martin Gerber in Carolina as their starting goalie... or as a goalie in general? Gerber pulled a muscle in his hip and has now left the door open for Cam Ward to make a good showing as the starter for the Hurricanes. Anyone gamble on Ward?

Kari Lehtonen left last night's game against Florida with a new groin injury... not like the one that plagued him through the pre-season, apparently. In my second big pool, he's in my team... he was the first goalie I picked. I'm hoping this doesn't count him out for too long.

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