Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wildfire Team Spotlight: Thanx For Comin' Out

I thought to myself, well... let's look at a few of these teams in the Wildfire pool, since you guys are showin' up to take a look at the Standings in all. So we'll start in last place and work our way up...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI don't think there was a team that took more Flames than Greg. Thanx For Comin' Out is lined up with four Flames as they were taken in succession inclusive rounds 3 through 6. Chuck Kobasew, Darren McCarty, Dion Phaneuf and Steven Reinprecht. It was almost alarming when these guys were taken... 'cuz all with the exception of Phaneuf, who was bound to go early, the rest of them could have been held out to be taken later on in the draft. Alas, they weren't and all have yet to really spark up with the Flames this year.

The first couple picks in the draft were obvious no-brainers... Dany Heatley in Ottawa and Todd Bertuzzi in Vancouver. Heatley is already lighting it up severely with the Senators, yet Bertuzzi is still to find his regular season legs on the big line of the Canucks. Shouldn't be too much of a worry though, it has to be said.

Rounding out the forwards is another Canuck, Daniel Sedin. Another player still to find his stride, although the twins line looked fairly good in Detroit on Monday. A big game against the Wild tonight could make a big difference for TFCO and the Canucks.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comStacking up the rest of the blueline was left to the Coyotes in Phoenix... both Denis Gauthier and Sean O'Donnell will anchor the defense corp for TFCO for the season, where it's still hard to say how the Coyotes will fare in general offensively, let alone for the poolies.

Lastly, in goal, Manny Fernandez was the preferred choice from the Minnesota Wild pairing this season... another ex-Flame to get some work for TFCO. Fernandez looked sharp in his overtime loss last week... so he may not be a bad choice, especially if those darned injuries strike the Wild.

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