Tuesday, April 05, 2016

2016 Playoff Pool Sheet is Ready!

After some deliberation, a touch of concentration and a whole lot of procrastination... I have a completed Playoff Pool Selection Sheet!

The injuries really stacked up, as we headed down the stretch to this playoff year, so putting off getting the sheet done was almost a bit of a blessing.  We didn't want to have Steven Stamkos and his blood clots on there, but I did settle with a concussion issue, like Marc-Andre Fleury's, because the Penguins likely aren't going to go too far without him.

Click here for the PDF of the selection sheet.

So, as of today, there are still a few teams still in the mix for the playoffs.  I have eliminated those teams that don't have a chance, but the race for the wild card spots are still there, so do be careful about those names that you choose.

The rules have stayed the same... $10 entry, 1 point for a goal, assist, 2 points for a win and a shutout and then the bonus point... 1 point per game-winning goal.  You can't have any more than three (3) players per one (1) NHL team and that includes your goalie!  I will come back to you to fix your sheet, if it's not done correctly.

Last year's pool had 36 entries, I'm not sure what my procrastination is going to do to involvement this year, but I guess we'll see.  Print off your copy of the sheet, make your picks and then find a way to get your filled in sheet to me, along with your $10!

Good luck!
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