Sunday, April 10, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Apr 10)

In the last day of the season, thanks to rescheduled games, we do have playoff match-up implications today, so there is something left to play for on Sunday. The four teams going might have a little extra push, which is good for us, who may or may not be watching, but do they have any bearing on the final standings in the pool?

The New York Islanders will host the Philadelphia Flyers with the ability to either play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round with a win or the Florida Panthers with a loss.  In net, the Islanders will likely go with Thomas Greiss (Eric), while Michal Neuvirth (Neil) should get one more start before the end of the regular season.

We already know that the Flyers get the Capitals in the opening round, so there's no need to dress Steve Mason (Derek W.) in this one.

In the 5:30pm MT game, the Anaheim Ducks will get those same Capitals, as they try for a Pacific Division title, where they'd need a win in any fashion to get there.  If the Ducks win the division, they would get the Predators and if they lose today, they'd get the Sharks.  The Ducks appear to be going with Frederik Andersen (Benson) to give him one more start before the playoffs, while the Capitals, will have a record to play for, as Braden Holtby (Jeremy) needs one more win for the NHL single season record for wins in a year, trying for #49.

Update: Of course, Holtby isn't going to play on back-to-back nights, just before the playoffs.  Philipp Grubauer (non-pool) will get the start for the Capitals.  The record will remain at 48 wins.
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