Thursday, October 13, 2005

Taffy's Tyrants

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEric Lindros & Bryan McCabe will headline Taffy's Tyrants (mostly because I've spotlighted the Flames already yesterday). Lindros isn't quite the sure thing with his health and all, but picking him 8th makes up for that gamble. If he is to stay healthy, he will be a big force in the league this year... once he has his legs underneath him. McCabe is sort of waiting for the rest of the team to work around him before he starts cashing in the points. That isn't to say that the Leafs aren't scoring, 15 goals in 4 games isn't too bad.

From the Flames, there's a player from each position... in goal, Mikka Kiprusoff was the first pick for the Tyrants, but he's yet to show why. Jordan Leopold was the seventh pick... he should pick up his pace sooner rather than later, one would hope. Chris Simon, the third pick, would be perfect for a pool with penalty minutes... not sure how he'll fare in a points pool.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn Anaheim, Ryan Getzlaf and Petr Sykora should benefit from good linemates to produce some points for Taffy's men... Getzlaf, one of the prized rookies in the league and Sykora back to playing with some guy named Selanne... sparks should fly for the Ducks.

In New York, the Rangers sport Michael Nylander and the Islanders house Miroslav Satan for the Tyrants. One's a playmaker on the top line and the other is a scorer for a top line... both are equally good picks, especially in this wide open league we're seeing this year.

Finally, Sergei Gonchar is the favourite defeneman in Pittsburgh. I would imagine he was looking forward to playing with such great offensive talents when he joined the club... but he also probably wanted to play for a winning team. Nevertheless, as long as he touches the puck in most games, he'll reap in a good chunk of points.

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