Saturday, April 15, 2006

No Update Until Wednesday...

With the season ending on Tuesday and myself being in Victoria until Monday night, I won't be updating the end standings for the Wildfire Hockey Pool until Wednesday morning.

The final results will be posted for the pool and an update for the Playoff Pool will be posted.

I have a couple more names added for the Playoff Pool, so we're closin' in on a $100 playoff jackpot. I am still expecting another 20+ people to join, so make sure you let everyone you know that this will be a good time.

22 players... 12 forwards, 8 defense, 2 goalies... no more than 3 players from any one team! Easy as that.

Remember, don't pick any Vancouver Canucks or Los Angeles Kings, as they've been eliminated from post-season contention. In the East, Toronto could be eliminated tonight and Atlanta needs to work their asses off... so don't be too quick to pick Mats Sundin or Ilya Kovalchuk.

Until Wednesday...

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