Thursday, September 14, 2006

Player Movements in the Last 8 Days

It hasn't been a big week for players moving from one team to another. It's been really known for big re-signings and players getting into camp. I know I'd be going to camp if I signed a 15-year deal this week.

The one player who did move to the island though this week was veteran centre, Viktor Kozlov. Kozlov doesn't really feature in many fantasy places, but he may find himself on the right wing to a certain Alexei Yashin, due to nationality and desire to play again. If he does find himself playing with Yashin, there is a strong argument for more of a 35 to 40 point season, way up from his 25 last year.

Well, I'm guessing that since Ryan Kesler will be making almost $2 million in Vancouver this season, it was the last shred of hope that Anson Carter would play with the twins again. Instead, he's packed his 30 goals up for the bright lights of Columbus and may feature beside the likes of Rick Nash or Gilbert Brule... especially if Nikolai Zherdev doesn't return. It's tough to imagine that Carter will see 30 goals again, but we don't know who he'll be playing with at all.

Finally, Keith Primeau announced his retirement from the game today. His concussion symptoms have caught up to him and he won't be able to return to captain the Flyers this season. With the salary load the Flyers are already carrying, it's tough to think that they'd miss him too much. They played most of the year without him already and have filled gaps down the middle as it were... so as much as Primeau's size and ability will be missed as a whole, the Flyers have already moved along.

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