Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome to the Playoff Pool

Welcome one and all to the 2007 Edition of the Playoff Pool. It's a record-high in attendance for one of my pools, so I thank you all for joining. If you don't see this welcome message until a little bit later, I was still sorting through everyone's e-mails to make sure everyone got the opening message.

With 63 people, there was going to be quite a few picks and a whole lot more prize money, so let's get down to business shall we. First prize for this year's Playoff Pool will be a cool $500 and there will also be a $100 second prize. With as many teams in the pool as there is, it should be a good race, no matter how the teams sort of play out.

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In terms of picks in the pool, Scott Niedermayer was the most popular player in the pool. A whopping 43 of 63 teams have Scott Niedermayer on their team, which means if he's the best defenseman in the pool, 20 teams are missing out... or if he gets injured early and cannot return... 20 other teams are laughing their respective asses off. Oh so much hangs in the balance, doesn't it?

Wednesday Night's Game-Winning Goals were as follows... Ottawa won 6-3 over the Penguins and Dany Heatley had the winner... San Jose beat Nashville 5-4 in double overtime and non-pool player, Patrick Rissmiller had the winner, so no bonus point... Anaheim beat Minnesota at home 2-1 and Dustin Penner scored the winner... and finally, although it started earlier, it finished much, much, much later... Vancouver beat Dallas 5-4 in quadiruple overtime (after 1am) and Henrik Sedin tallied the bonus point.

I should have a flashy graphic for the Game Winners here soon.

The other four series will get underway tonight... don't forget, the Flames are on at 5pm in Detroit on CBC tonight.

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