Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Markov Update

An interesting tweet this morning has put some doubt on the opening night availability of Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov.  Markov is reportedly not ready to go for training camp and the team is hopeful that he is ready for opening night.

Markov suffered a major knee injury in November last season, cutting his 2011 season short and now there are doubts of not being 100% when the season starts in a few weeks.  This news will mean a slight adjustment in his projected numbers for my list, dropping him down from 45 points, where I had him in my Montreal predictions, down to 40 points, bringing him down a level.

The demotion in projected totals is general uncertainty about Markov's knee, whether or not he'll start the season and/or last the entire season.  He's a player I would be looking to get at a bargain, but that will be unlikely, as there will be a number of people in the draft that won't let him fall to far (or at all).

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