Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Predators Re-Sign Ribeiro

How the heck are the Nashville Predators going to make it to the salary cap floor this Summer?

Re-signing Mike Ribeiro to a new deal is a start, as they gave him a 2-year deal, worth $7 million, a $3.5 million cap hit for each season.  It's not breaking the bank, but they will need to get some work done here soon, since they really only have six locks among their forward ranks and a handful of kids that might make it, just because there was no one else.

The Ribeiro signing is key, as he was a pivotal player in the Preds' offense last season, scoring 15 goals and 62 points in all 82 regular season games for the club and he was a contributing factor to the hockey pool's winning team as well, as he was somewhat of a sleeper pick.

In the end, he was the 44th ranked forward among the bunch, had a whale of a year and is now going to be a part of the solution for the Predators, whatever the end result may be.

The uncertainty of the Nashville Predators lineup is what may keep my projection of Ribeiro down a little bit, not to mention a legal battle outside of the hockey rink... that doesn't help anything either.

As of today, the trend for Ribeiro is a bit of a loss, but not a great loss, maybe something that takes him down a few pegs, but you will have to consider that a number of players are on the way up, so Ribeiro could drop a round or two, despite a really good year.

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