Saturday, April 14, 2007

The First Friday of the Playoffs

Teams are still feeling each other out... watching their players turn it on... or in some cases, still waiting. A couple series are tied at the moment, the Ducks went up 2-0 on the Wild, but I bet you didn't see Ilya Bryzgalov coming, eh? J-S Giguere teams are choked.

Player of the Night
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Well, the first playoff shutout of both his career and for the pool, Marty Turco made 35 saves against Vancouver on Friday night to tie up the series at one game. Do you know how many teams have Turco? None. Feel sheepish yet? Everyone was counting on Luongo to make it through, but I'm sure everyone was sure that it wouldn't be a sweep for those Canucks.

Game Winning Goal Scorers of the Night
J.P. Dumont was the one who scored the winner in the brawl-filled Predators/Sharks game. Dumont pleased six of his teams last night with the bonus point. A non-pool player, Jeff Halpern, scored the winner for the Stars. Actually both goals in that game didn't register in the pool. Finally, for the Ducks, it was a Box 2 favourite, Ryan Getzlaf, who scored the winner for the bonus point. 18 pool teams had Getzlaf make them look like geniuses. Will it last though? Of course... the Ducks will make it through just fine.

Luckily for the Flames on Sunday, they won't have to face Todd Bertuzzi. Granted, unfortunate for 18 teams, Bert will miss another game. These teams don't want to miss him for too long... especially since the Wings score a plenty against Calgary.

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