Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday's Long Recap

Hmmmm... I'm getting a bit behind, aren't I? Well, ball started up on the weekend... bevvys in the evening... and busy at work this morning, so I'll start from Friday night and see how she goes. There should be a little bit more down below the usual template stuff... so stay tuned!

Spotlight Player
You know, looking back on the last four days (the San Jose/Detroit game still pending at the time of writing this), it's hard to find a spotlight player. Other than the pending game at the moment, each team in the Conference Semi-Finals has won a game... the only other team is San Jose. If Detroit wins again... then maybe it'll be a Red Wing. So below will be my final answer.

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Out of eight games, there was only one shutout. That was Monday night's game between the Senators and the Devils, where the Sens prevailed 2-0. Ray Emery recorded the four-point shutout to tie for the lead all players in points in the second round. Now the Senators lead the series 2-1 over the Devils with one more game in Scotiabank Place in Kanata. Advantage: Ottawa. It's now a home ice advantage for Ottawa and a 3-1 lead going into New Jersey would be a huge lift for all Sens fans and supporters in the pool.

Game Winning Goal Scorers of the Night
In the game winner column, it's already pretty much laid out for me. Let's see who's picked up the bonus points over the last four nights...

Friday night... Thomas Vanek scored the winner in Game 2 of the series between the Sabres and the Rangers. That was Vanek's second GWG of the playoffs. He's having a whale of a playoff year, so far. The Canucks took Game 2 of their series against the Ducks when non-pool player, Jeff Cowan scored the double overtime winner. So, there was no bonus point given out in that game.

Saturday... the afternoon game saw Pavel Datsyuk score with just under two minutes to go in the third period to lift the Red Wings over the Sharks. That goal levelled the series at one and gave 11 teams a bonus point. In the evening game... it was double overtime again before 10 teams cheered as Jamie Langenbrunner scored to even the series between the Devils and the Senators.

Sunday... yet another double overtime to solve the Rangers & Sabres Game 3 and it was defenseman, Michal Rozsival who put the biscuit in the basket to win it for the Rangers. Do you know how many teams picked up the bonus point? Two. That's how many. Two teams moved a spot or two ahead. Then it was Corey Perry who scored a second goal on the power play to win the game for the Ducks against the Canucks. The Ducks moved ahead in the series 2-1 going into Tuesday's game in Vancouver.

Monday night saw a shutout in Ottawa. It was Tom Preissing's second period goal that sealed the deal for the Senators and three teams took advantage of that bonus point. It was quite the game where the goaltenders stood out and you could say that Ray Emery got a couple bonus points for the shutout.

And as the evening wears on... the trend stays true. Jonathon Cheechoo scored a pretty goal around a beached Hasek in the third period to win it for the Sharks. So, each team won in the semi-finals. What a weird occurance.

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