Friday, March 16, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Mar 16)

It's Friday! We're winding down Week Twenty-Four and it looks like we're in for a busy weekend on the NHL schedule. There's 24 games between Friday and Sunday night, so plenty of starts to be had and it should keep the Mover & Shaker race interesting, right?

Troy's team has been having quite the week, so far, already posting 30 points, through Thursday's action and his team is eyeing the season-best, 48 points, set by Stuart's team in Week Twenty.  Unfortunately for his team, it doesn't have any starts today, so the chase is on from the crease for the other teams in the race.

Usually, we'd be looking at about 5 points back and ties for the teams I'd focus in on, but Troy's team has a 4-point lead on Stacey M.'s team and her team is the only one inside of that 5-point gap.  Clayton and Derek B. are both 7 points back, while Tony's team is 9 points back and Eric's team is 10 points back.  So, I guess that will be the five teams we'll focus on, since our leader doesn't have anything today.

Maybe this post isn't going to go very well... Stacey, Clayton and Derek don't have starts either.  Damn.

Ben Bishop(Kristy & Don) versus Craig Anderson (Tony)
Thankfully, Tony has come to the rescue with a start from Craig Anderson and the Ottawa Senators tonight.  The Senators open up back-to-back nights at home against the Stars, who will welcome Ben Bishop back to their crease tonight, after missing the better part of a couple weeks with a lower-body injury.  Kristy & Don will be happy to get him back tonight, as they currently trail Tony's team by 10 points.

Jimmy Howard (Dale C.) versus John Gibson (Tony)
Neither goalie was confirmed at the time of writing this post, but it's fair to think that Tony will get a second start tonight from John Gibson and the hosting Ducks, as they take on the traveling Red Wings, who played last night, which means Jimmy Howard should be getting the nod tonight, since Jared Coreau was in net last night.  The Ducks are currently outside of the playoff picture looking in and they'll want to take advantage of a floundering Red Wings team tonight.

Juuse Saros (Eric) versus Semyon Varlamov (Stacey C.)
With Pekka Rinne playing last night for the Predators, that opens the door for Juuse Saros tonight in Colorado.  The Predators haven't been shy, when it comes to resting some of their best players, so this bodes well for Eric's goalie, as his team tries to make up 10 points for the Mover & Shaker this week.  At the other end, Stacey C. gets another start from Semyon Varlamov and the Avalanche, as they try to retain their wild card spot in the west.

Maybe the question needs to be asked?  Anything going on in the basement?  No.  Wilton's team is getting crushed, with only 3 points, so far, this week and no goalie starts tonight.  What do you do, eh?

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