Friday, March 30, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Mar 30)

It's a day off for Easter today, what a Good Friday!

Troy has maintained his Mover & Shaker lead through Thursday night, so his team highlights the post again today, as his team currently holds on to 28 points this week, having a 4-point lead over Benson, 5 points up on Chris, 7 points up on Kristy & Don and then it's a tie at 9 points back between Brenda & Seward and Stacey M.  It looks like we'll cover six teams today.

Coincidentally, it's a 6-game schedule on Friday night, no afternoon games for this holiday.  Now, I may have finished this post rather early in the day, I have other things I wanted to accomplish, so there could be some guessing involved here.  Let's see how many of the goalies from our six teams are going tonight!

Troy's team doesn't have any possible starts tonight, so that's two taken away.

Frederik Andersen (Mike) versus Christopher Gibson (N/A)
No Jaroslav Halak tonight for the Islanders, removing one of Benson's potential starters from the mix tonight.  Halak will actually be a full-on scratch, due to an undisclosed injury, as Thomas Greiss has been activated from the IR and he will back-up Christopher Gibson tonight, when the Islanders take on the Maple Leafs.  So, a non-pool goalie ahead of a returning goalie, replacing an injured goalie.  That's what we have there.  Halak is day-to-day, by the way.

The Maple Leafs are still up in the air, at the time of writing this post, but it sounds like Frederik Andersen could go tonight, as the Leafs start back-to-back games.  The Leafs have clinched their playoff spot and only have a small outside shot at moving past the Lightning in the Atlantic for home-ice in the opening round.  Might as well take a run for it, right?

Jake Allen (Cam) versus Malcolm Subban (Wilton)
No starts for Benson at all tonight, as Jake Allen has been tapped for the crease, instead of Carter Hutton, for the Blues in Vegas.  The Blues have certainly wanted to give their number one the benefit of being the number one and get his form back.  This means Cam gets a start tonight instead and his team could use a move back to the middle of the standings as well.  On the Golden Knights side, it has been confirmed that Malcolm Subban will get the start and he will give Wilton a shot to get out of the Basement Dweller spot this week, where he sits with only 5 points.  A win will get his team into a tie with Ryan's.

Jonathan Quick (Chris) versus John Gibson (Tony)
Finally!  An actual Mover & Shaker type start and it comes all the way down to Chris' team, which couldn't quite make it to the top with a shutout, but that won't make Chris stop Jonathan Quick from trying tonight.  The Kings are running on the second half of back-to-back games tonight, so it will be interesting to see how much jump they have against John Gibson and the Ducks.  Tony's team is one of five to have not yet found double-digits in the week, although a win will put it over.

Kristy & Don don't have any of their keepers in the six games tonight, neither do Brenda & Seward.  The duos will have to wait until Saturday, assuming that they're still close enough in the race, to see their keepers on the blog.

Cam Ward (Stacey M.) versus Braden Holtby (Grant)
Finally, there is one more shot for a Mover & Shaker team and Stacey M. appears to be taking it... or be given it, whichever!  Cam Ward should be getting the call again for the Hurricanes, when they travel to Washington to take on Braden Holtby and the Capitals.  This could be a double-whammy for Stacey, as her team wants to keep pace for the Mover & Shaker and they'll want to take down the gap to Grant's team, just ahead of her's in 9th.  The gap opens up the night at 17 points.

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