Saturday, March 17, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Mar 17)

Sonofabitch! I'm in a rush to get this post done and I lost a good chunk of writing, 45 minutes before I wanted to get this post done. Okay, now I have to work faster.

So, we're going to look at the top five teams vying for the Mover & Shaker this week, which has the difference of 7 points from top to bottom, which is still a pretty close race.  The NHL schedule gets started nice and early, so we'll be playing a pretty good guessing game, although, a number of teams have already confirmed this morning.

Troy's team continues to lead the weekly scoring race, going into the weekend at 34 points, while Tony sits at 31 points, Eric's team has 29 points, followed by Stacey M.'s squad at 28 and Clayton's at 27 points.

Cam Talbot (Wes) versus Roberto Luongo (Stuart)
Well, if Troy's team is going to defend its lead in the Mover & Shaker race today, it will have to do so without representation in the crease, as his only possible start is being taken by Stuart's goalie.  Roberto Luongo is getting the nod over James Reimer today, when the Panthers take on the Oilers in one of the afternoon games.  There is a race worth mentioning here, as Wes currently holds down the Basement Dweller spot after Friday night's action and he gets a Cam Talbot start, as his team is 1 point back of Wilton for 24th in the week.

Mike Condon (N/A) versus Sergei Bobrovsky (Derek B.)
Well, Tony's team really clawed back some points in the Mover & Shaker race last night, partly because both of his goalies played last night, both earning wins.  So, in saying that Ottawa isn't likely to play Craig Anderson today.  Derek B.'s team wasn't going to feature in this post, but with this game being what it is, his team is 8 points back of the Mover & Shaker and he should get a start, since the Jackets are in a playoff crunch, trying to stave away all comers, so Sergei Bobrovsky is expected to go again tonight.

Tuukka Rask (Clayton) versus Andrei Vasilevskiy (Wilton)
Eric's team, 3rd in the weekly standings, also doesn't have a goalie playing today, but this game falls into the lap of Clayton's team, which is supposed to be featured, so that's a happy coincidence.  The Bruins are trying to catch the Lightning in the Atlantic Division standings, so this game has some significant meaning in the playoff race, which means both teams will be going with their number ones, Tuukka Rask against Andrei Vasilevskiy.  Wilton could really use the points to stay out of the Basement Dweller and he'll be relying on the best player in the pool to do so today.

Alex Lyon (N/A) versus Cam Ward (Stacey M.)
The last game worth featuring in today's post sees a start from Stacey M.'s goalie in Carolina, Cam Ward.  The Hurricanes open up back-to-back days with a game hosting the Flyers, which means Clayton's other goalie, the other Carolina goalie, will go tomorrow.  Ward and the Hurricannes get the Flyers' number four goalie today, as the Flyers are opting to give Petr Mrazek the tougher game of their back-to-back set, tomorrow against Washington.  This game certainly won't be easy for Ward and the Hurricanes, but it might still be a good shot for Stacey's team to pick up 2 points.

Happy St. Patrick's Day all... time for a Guinness, right?

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