Friday, December 14, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Dec 14)

Both Stacey M. and Jeremy had their chance to survive on Thursday night, but only Stacey's team was able to take advantage of a Carey Price win, leaving Jeremy with two possible chances at a win left this week and one of them may be taken up because the Jets are on back-to-back nights tonight.

Dale C. had a huge night on Thursday and shot to the top of the weekly standings, now up with 28 points through four nights this week and his team has a 6-point lead on Troy's side and a 7-point stretch over both Steve and Tony's teams.

Down at the bottom, Chelsea's team had a big night and catapulted its way out of the bottom spot and 4 points clear of Eric's team, which now holds down the floor with 7 points this week.  Scott's team isn't too far ahead still, up at 9 points, while three other teams are at 10 points this week.  There's still lots of hockey yet to be played, including eight games tonight.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy) versus Cory Schneider (N/A)
The Vegas Golden Knights are going to continue to ride their hot hand in Marc-Andre Fleury, as he hasn't had much rest over the last month, but I don't think Troy really seems to mind.  Fleury has been keeping Troy's team in business this season and doing it again this week, as I've pointed out already, having a top end week this week.  Fleury is the only goalie of note for the pool, since Schneider has yet to win a game in the last calendar year.

Adin Hill (N/A) versus Henrik Lundqvist (Scott)
The Rangers still haven't confirmed their starting goalie yet, by the time I've hit the publish button on this post, but since they don't play tomorrow night, it does seem fairly reasonable that Henrik Lundqvist should get another spin tonight, aiding Scott in his quest to avoid the Basement Dweller.  He matches up with the kid that has played well for the Coyotes of late, Adin Hill, who could be a good candidate for a selection in the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft at this rate.

Jaroslav Halak (Stacey M.) versus Casey DeSmith (Benson)
The Bruins and Penguins will tangle tonight in Pittsburgh and it features goalies on teams that are in the bottom half of the weekly standings, but I wouldn't necessarily say that they were in any imminent danger of the Basement Dweller nod.  Stacey's team sits at 13 points and Benson's team is at 12 points, still well clear of Eric's team, but 14 points is the equator today and they just aren't there yet.

Craig Anderson (Mike) versus Jimmy Howard (Tony)
The Ottawa Senators tipped their hand early this morning, revealing that Craig Anderson would indeed go for the club against the Red Wings in Detroit tonight.  The Wings, however, haven't yet said anything and we are left to provide a guess.  The Wings are starting back-to-back nights with this game against the Senators and then it's to Long Island they go tomorrow, so it's really anyone's guess and I'll just say Jimmy Howard.  I'll probably get that wrong.

Braden Holtby (Stacey C.) versus Scott Darling (N/A)
The Washington Capitals will go back to the well with Braden Holtby, when they visit the Carolina Hurricanes tonight.  Good news for Stacey C., getting that start to help keep pace with the leaders of the week.  His team sits with 16 points so far, right in the middle of the pack and Holtby is certainly one who can help lift his team up further.

The Hurricanes, on the other hand, have been muddled in some rumours about a minor league goalie coming up for this game, but there hasn't been any mention of that on the Twitter machine, so since they played last night, I'm going with the other healthy goalie, non-pool keeper, Scott Darling.

Philipp Grubauer (Jesse) versus Jake Allen (Steve)
Central Division clash in St. Louis, as the high-flying Avalanche visit the lowly Blues, which has the makings of being a one-sided affair.  Certainly Steve hopes that his goalie can keep his team afloat tonight, while Jesse is looking for an easy 2 points.  Steve currently leads Jesse in the weekly standings, 21-19, so an easy 2 points could level these two teams up in the race for the Mover & Shaker quite easily.

Laurent Brossoit (N/A) versus Corey Crawford (Benson)
The Chicago Blackhawks have been dismal of late, 2-8-0 in their last 10 and they get the pleasure of hosting the Winnipeg Jets tonight.  Corey Crawford gets to be the poor bastard in net for the home side tonight and you'll know that he'll get pumped full of rubber tonight by that deadly Jets offense.  Benson gets some minutes out of this game, but will it be a full 60?  The Jets haven't confirmed, but they also played last night, so it's fair to assume that it will be Brossoit going for them tonight, the Blackhawks aren't what they used to be, so now the backup is comfortable getting this game.

Anthony Stolarz (N/A) versus Mikko Koskinen (Tony)
The Edmonton Oilers are on back-to-back nights and since Mike saw his goalie go for them last night, it was confirmed nice and early that Mikko Koskinen will go for Tony tonight.  Tony has enjoyed a lot of early successes with Koskinen, 3 wins and 6 points in three appearances, so he's hoping the good times keep on rolling in the chuck, as the Flyers roll into town on their Western Canada swing.

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