Monday, December 03, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Dec 3)

It's the dawn of the second segment!  The new goalies are active on the hockey pool rosters, seven of them were picked up last week and three of them got the call to play on Monday night, so these are exciting times.  This will really get the participation numbers up in the hockey pool, right off the bat!

It's only three games tonight, but as it stands, they are pretty good for the hockey pool and something that I'm excited about.  Let's see those points roll in.

Louis Domingue (Eric) versus Keith Kinkaid (Neil)
The first goalie to get a start from the list of picked goalies in last week's Waiver Draft is Louis Domingue of the Lightning, giving Eric a start to kick it all off.  Eric's team is 55 points out of the money and looks longingly up there, hoping that he can squeeze enough minutes out of this situation to make it worth his while.  He'll definitely get some, but will it be enough?

Neil, on the other hand, stays the course with his goalies, 37 points back of the money, and hopes that the Devils can find their game again this season, as they haven't been the same team that made the playoffs last year and it has cost him, big time!

Carter Hutton (Wes) versus Pekka Rinne (John P.)
The only game that doesn't feature a Waiver Draft pick-up is going in Nashville tonight and it's a survival game for Wes' team, starting off the week.  He could be done and qualified before anyone else gets a start in the final four, but the red-hot Sabres, on the shoulders of Carter Hutton, will be in tough against Pekka Rinne and the Predators.  Rinne didn't register a win in last week's debacle for John P. and the week starts anew, looking to climb back into the money conversation, where he was before the horrible Basement Dweller week.

Wes' team opens the segment in 9th place, 18 points out of 3rd, while John's team opens up in 14th, 30 points out of 3rd.  I'll say it now, they both have a chance, but they'll need their goalies to get them started this week.

Mikko Koskinen (Tony) versus Anton Khudobin (Grant)
The first game fully confirmed for Monday night was an all-picked goalie match-up and it's a big "welcome to the hockey pool" for both Mikko Koskinen and Anton Khudobin.  The second segment begins for these two and Tony trails Grant's team by 37 points, but arguably got the better goalie, more for minutes than it will be for overall results.  Can that gap be lessened by a goalie?  This could be fun to watch.  A round of the Freedom Force Crease Cup tonight in Dallas.

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