Saturday, December 08, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Dec 8)

10 games on the schedule on Saturday and another seven games tomorrow, so there's still plenty of hockey left for us to get our points in and earn ourselves a nod in the Newsletter, right?

Kristy & Don continue to hold the top spot with 24 points this week, barely holding on with Benson a point back, Stacey M. 2 points back, Grant and Wilton are 3 points back and then Troy and Stacey C. are 4 points back.  A shutout for one of these teams could really swing the numbers around in a hurry!

Brenda & Seward did reel in a few of the teams down at the bottom last night, as they are now at 10 points for the week and Scott's team is at 11 points.  Jeremy and Derek B. still have a win's worth of space between, while Brian and Eric are a shutout clear of the bottom.  If the duo get that shutout though, look out.

To the 12 teams I didn't mention... do something already!

Anthony Stolarz (N/A) versus Linus Ullmark (Steve)
Play gets started nice and early, hence the early post today.  Steve gets a shot at some points from the crease with a start from Linus Ullmark and the Sabres this morning/afternoon.  They are taking on the Flyers this morning/afternoon, who will go with Stolarz today, giving him his 4th straight start in net, as he has played pretty well since taking over.  Steve's team sits at 15 points this week and could use a big result in this one.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy) versus Jonathan Quick (Derek B.)
Nothing confirmed early on this morning between the Golden Knights and the Kings and this game is a 2pm MT start, which means the goaltending could go either way.  Afternoon games are hard on the starters and has led to some injuries, so it wouldn't surprise me if any backup was to dress for either side, but I'm sure both Troy and Derek would appreciate the minutes, if they came.

Frederik Andersen (Derek B.) versus Jaroslav Halak (Stacey M.)
The Boston Bruins confirmed Jaroslav Halak as their starter, just as I came to this game in the post, which was awfully fortuitous.  Stacey is a win within the Mover & Shaker nod this week, but Halak will be in tough against the Maple Leafs, even if the Bruins are at home tonight.  I think it's a pretty fair bet that Frederik Andersen will get the nod tonight, a big division game like this requires your number one keeper.  That might give Derek a couple of starts today, which could keep his team well clear of the Basement Dweller.

Casey DeSmith (Benson) versus Craig Anderson (Mike)
Both teams were able to confirm their goalies before the publish button was hit this morning and it looks like this could be a good game.  Mike will get a start from Craig Anderson again today, trying to tack on more minutes to an already busy season.  The only goalie that has been busier than he in this post is that guy that plays for Vegas.  For Pittsburgh, it will be a Waiver Draft pickup in Casey DeSmith, giving Benson a start, as his team climbs the goalie participation ranks with a healthy keeper going everyday.

Thomas Greiss (Stuart) versus Jonathan Bernier (Brenda & Seward)
The Red Wings are rewarding Jonathan Bernier for a solid game earlier in the week, which means the basement duo will get a shot at emerging from the bottom and passing Scott's team for 24th on the list today.  He'll get the New York Islanders this evening, who will be going with Thomas Greiss, giving Stuart's team a big start, as it continues to fight for top spot in the overall standings. 

Semyon Varlamov (Wilton) versus Louis Domingue (Eric)
The Avalanche are in Tampa Bay for what could be a very offensively dynamic showcase, taking on the Lightning this evening.  Semyon Varlamov has been tapped for the Avs tonight, while the Lightning haven't announced just yet, but they will have to counter with their top goalie, as they will go up against a very daunting scoring machine.  Wilton's team is in the mix for the Mover & Shaker, so he's hoping for a romp in the visitor's favour tonight, trying to keep pace with the weekly leaders.

Henrik Lundqvist (Scott) versus Roberto Luongo (John P.)
The Florida Panthers have confirmed that Roberto Luongo will be getting the nod with the New York Rangers in town tonight, giving John P. a shot at the top group mention in tomorrow's goalie post.  John's team sits with 19 points this week and could really use a big day to possibly get a nod this week.  The Rangers have yet to confirm their goalie, but it seems very likely that they'll ride Henrik Lundqvist until they cannot anymore. Scott's team hasn't been short on minutes played (7th in the pool), but the results haven't followed (18th in goalie points).

Braden Holtby (Stacey C.) versus Sergei Bobrovsky (Kristy & Don)
The team currently at the top of the heap this week get a start in Columbus tonight, as Sergei Bobrovsky will get the nod for the Blue Jackets, giving Kristy & Don a chance to help pad their lead this week.  A tough divisional test against the Washington Capitals, who have confirmed that they will go with Braden Holtby in such a meaningful game in December.  Stacey's team really wants to get all those points from this game, just so his team can catch the duo in one big swoop.

Aaron Dell (Troy) versus Adin Hill (N/A)
The San Jose Sharks were in Dallas last night, Arizona didn't play, but neither team has confirmed their starters at the time of this post, so we're giving it an educated guess here.  Dell would likely start tonight, since he didn't play yesterday and Hill should get the nod for the Coyotes, 4 wins in six starts, just siphoning points out of the hockey pool with his plucky team.

Juuse Saros (Eric) versus Mike Smith (Brian)
The banged up Flames will need to rely heavily on their goaltending tonight, with the Nashville Predators in town.  Mike Smith has his hot hand back and he will get the start again tonight for the Flames, good news for Brian, who has really relied on Smith as well this week, keeping his team out of the weekly basement.  The Predators did say that they would use both goalies in this western trip and I would imagine that Juuse Saros gets the nod tonight after a rough game in Vancouver on Thursday.  Unconfirmed, but it makes sense.

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