Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Dec 19)

Man, those big schedule days, like yesterday and tomorrow, are quite something to plan around. I think I only made it about halfway through the post yesterday before time ran out on me.

So, now that we only have two games tonight, I'll do a quick post for those two games and all will be right again on the blog. 

On Monday night, Stacey M. shot up the standings again to get back into the money, going from 4th to 1st with a big night, but Tuesday night saw her team slip up a bit, falling back down to 2nd when it was all said and done.  She did see her team qualify for Week Thirteen though, so that was another good point.

Kristy & Don took over the Mover & Shaker lead on Tuesday night though, now up to 15 points on the week and there are already seven teams into the double-digits in weekly scoring after a couple of nights.

Tony and Jeremy, however, don't see their teams among those seven, rather their teams are doing quite the opposite after two nights, averaging a point per night, so far this week. 

Matt Murray (N/A) versus Braden Holtby (Stacey C.)
Rivalry game tonight in Washington, as the Penguins and Capitals faceoff for what should be an affair full of fireworks.  Matt Murray has been tipped to go for the visitors tonight, but again, under no one's banner in the hockey pool.  The oft-injured keeper will try his best to get up for this one and take one step closer to taking back the net, but he gets the incredibly difficult challenge of taking on Braden Holtby, who is the 7th-ranked goalie in the hockey pool, playing behind the defending champs.

Stacey's team only has 4 points this week and could really use a huge outing from Holtby and the Caps, just to keep his team safe from that infamous spot in the Newsletter.

Carey Price (Stacey M.) versus Philipp Grubauer (Jesse)
Well, if there was any other good time to fashion a throwback jersey, it would probably be in this match-up, when the Canadiens face the former Nordiques in Denver tonight.  That would make for a good night to watch some hockey.  Stacey gets another start from Carey Price this week, as she sees her team try to climb back into 1st place tonight, while Jesse's team will get the rare backup start from Philipp Grubauer.  Like Stacey C.'s team above, Jesse's team also has 4 points this week and could really use a win to help keep his team safe.

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