Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moving the Predators?

Okay, this is a bit of an editorial... since there have been a few days off before the Finals got started, it's been pretty tough to find something to write about. But this whole news story that Jim Balsillie is in the position to buy the Nashville Predators sparks a little bit of thought. I'm seeing all over the web now (and TV, for that matter) about how the Predators could be moving to Southern Ontario.

Has anyone else seen the stories about how Ottawa is not being supported well in Canada? If Toronto is going to be "Canada's team" and going to reside in... Southern Ontario... then do we really need another team who is not going to be supported when they make it to the Cup Final? I mean, it is the Predators... a team who isn't far away from doing great things in the NHL. It could have very well gone in their favour this year... but it wasn't to be.

A couple more pieces to the puzzle and the Predators could be a certifiable chance at doing well in the league, just like Balsillies' other venture to buy into the league. If Kitchener or another Southern Ontario city gets an NHL team, thus denying Winnipeg, then Canadians will have another team to yawn at when they are successful.

Go Ottawa Go... and bring back the Jets!

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