Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sounding Over Already

Talk about some serious domination... the Senators have gone up to a 3-0 series lead over the Buffalo Sabres and it'll bring the 8-Ball back out. This time... just a little bit bigger. Uh-oh. I don't think anyone should be counting their chickens... but there's one there... another over there... one sitting in the nest... oh... oh... there's one hatching out of an egg now. After the Sabres lost both games at home and lost their home-ice advantage, it was time for the big line of the Senators to really step up... and it almost seemed destined that they were gonna get help from their trusty backstop as well. And now on Wednesday night, they will have a chance to put the President's Trophy winning team away for the summer and concentrate on bringing some hardware home for the summer. It's an exciting time for everyone in Ottawa and Canadian team bandwagon jumpers... not to mention all the owners of Senators in the pool, as they'll last for yet another round.

And the team to come virtually out of nowhere (out of the Top 8, anyways) to spring into first is Derek W.. With a full compliment of players heading into the Conference Finals, it was all a matter of having the right teams go through and it looks like Derek has the mojo for a runaway win. He now sits one point up on 2nd through 4th with that full compliment of players, including a full six guys in the West, should the East only last one more game.

Spotlight Player
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Ray Emery snags another shutout, his third in the playoffs, and the pool leader in points stretches his lead. Emery now leads the pool by 10 points over his teammate, Dany Heatley with 30 points. It's sure going to be tough to catch him through the rest of the playoffs, especially with how well the Sens have been playing in the playoffs. It also has been a big help that he's had two assists in the playoffs as well... one more win and one more assist and he'll equal the totals of both rounds before the Conference Finals. That's pretty clutch...

Game Winning Goal Scorer
How's this for an easy statisitic... with only one goal in the game last night, it was too hard to find the winner. Daniel Alfredsson scored his third game-winner of the playoffs and gave his one owner yet another bonus point. Alfredsson is alos becoming one of the better picks in the pool, currently sitting in the best team possible, which will be announced going into the Cup Finals; where you can compare your picks to what would be considered the perfect team. Let me tell you, going into Game 3 of the Wings & Ducks series, the most amount of points possible is way up at 248. That's a clear 68 points better than first place in the pool at the moment... so it's actually quite amazing that the pool is so close.

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