Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thornton Extends

Well, we won't be biting our nails about Joe Thornton any time soon when it comes to the Free Agent Frenzy. Thornton will be in San Jose for at least another four seasons. He had one more year on his current deal, but signed a 3-year extension that will pay him $7.2 million per year. When the Sharks go calling other free agents, those players will have the comfort in knowing that Thornton will be around.

Will this effect the pool at all? Not really. Thornton will remain a Top 5 pick in any pool. He should be considered a model for consistency, as he's had 3 years in the Top 5 of the pool in the last 4 years, the other one was a miss because of injury. That year, he finished 29th... still a first rounder in a deep pool.

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