Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tkachuk Does Sign

It's no real big surprise after the St. Louis Blues traded to have Keith Tkachuk back in the fold that they'd sign him as well. Tkachuk received a 2-year deal worth $8 million to come back and don the Blues' new uniform and re-unite him with Doug Weight.

Last season, Tkachuk was not very dominating when it came to his play. He certainly wasn't the top 30 kind of player he was only a few short years ago. With injuries and poor teams in St. Louis and a poor fit in Atlanta, Tkachuk hasn't had a great deal of chances to redeem himself. I don't see it happening again this year... if you can hold off on taking him until a little bit later in your draft, you'll probably think of him as a bargain.

When did you ever think you'd ever hear or see "bargain" and "Keith Tkachuk" in the same thought?

Thought so.

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