Monday, August 20, 2007

Brewing in Ohio

The Columbus Blue Jackets found themselves in the midst of some speculation and some possible litigation this week. The Jackets have reportedly been in contact with the Michael Peca camp, as he still remains an Unrestricted Free Agent. Peca was supposedly giving the Rangers a good hard look, but something tells me that there might not be enough room under the cap for Peca and his possible $2 million contract. The Rangers' starting 20 already sits around $49.5 million, surely not enough room for the veteran centre. The Blue Jackets on the other hand were sitting at $37 million, but the apparent pull out of Russian winger, Alexander Svitov, is making everyone wonder. Svitov signed with a Russian club on Friday, 6 weeks after signing a new 2-year deal with the Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets are investigating the matter, which could see some legal proceedings, and hope to have it all resolved sooner rather than later.

On the pool side, if Mike Peca is to join the Blue Jackets for October, I would forecast bigger and brighter things, as he would more than likely come into the camp as the first or second centre at the start of camp. That would mean a lot more ice-time. Ice-time he really hasn't seen since his time on the Island. Even if Alexander Svitov decides or is forced back to Columbus, assume his desire to play for the team is gone and his stock should bottom out here right away.

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