Friday, December 28, 2007

No Burnaby Joe for 3 Months

Well, it seems a tad rough to make a joke about now, but I don't think I would want to visit the Colorado Avalanche medical staff for a physical. Somehow, I don't think the check-up would be thorough enough. You know, they might miss something.

Well, the news didn't get any better for Joe Sakic (Dennis) over the holidays. Already diagnosed with a groin injury, the team announced that Sakic will undergo surgery to remove a hernia, which will now keep him out of the line-up for up to 12 weeks. Sakic has already missed 13 games this season with his groin injury and now he won't be back until the last month of the season, potentially.

For Dennis, the news really doesn't get better. Even with the return of Ryan Smyth (Dennis) to the Avalanche line-up last night, Dennis now has 5 players on the injured list and 4 of them have either 'weeks' or 'months' in the description of the injury.

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