Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When is it Going to End?

Oh where, oh where, have the Ottawa Senators gone? Seven straight losses... credibility falling away... yet the scoring is still up. Yeah, I know... tell that to the guys that have the goaltending for Ottawa. Ray Emery (Box 18) was dropped by Aaron in the Waiver Draft and it was almost like he could forsee the continuing drop in play by the Senators.

There is something that needs to be said though when the Senators manage to come back against Johan Holmqvist (Clayton), who doesn't like playing in the third period (believe me, I know... I've been watching), and still can't win despite beating the goaltender's confidence to a pulp... I mean, c'mon! I honestly shouldn't be complaining though. It was like I was paying Holmqvist to let Daniel Alfredsson (Clayton) get three points before Holmqvist got 2 for the win.

Now the Sens don't have much time to dwell in their seven-game losing streak as they are in Miami tonight to take on the Panthers. But wait a gosh darn second... guess who's in net. It isn't Martin Gerber (Chris). Reports this morning are that Emery will go back to work tonight and will take on the Panthers after making 25 stops against the Lightning. As fast as Gerber took the number one job at the beginning of the year, it's already gone (seemingly) from his grasp. Emery could now be the big minute man in Ottawa and the sweepstakes in Week Twenty could be for Ray Emery. Oh how the tides change.

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