Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crosby Sprained

There's a collective worry in the igloo on Saturday as the poster boy for both the Penguins and the NHL has found his way to the infirmary.

On Friday night, Sidney Crosby (Benson) slid feet first into the boards and ended up with a high ankle sprain. This is the second high ankle sprain that the Penguins suffered this season, since Marc-Andre Fleury (Dennis) suffered the same injury in December.

Crosby, among the leaders in scoring this season, will likely miss upwards of about a month with his injury and this does not bode well for Benson or all holders of him in the Selection Sheet pool. On Monday, everyone will find out how long the young superstar will be out of the line-up. He'll undergo an MRI to see what the extent of the damage is and then the Penguins will have some decisions to make.

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