Friday, October 18, 2013

Callahan Out With a Broken Thumb

It has not been an easy start for New York Rangers captain, Ryan Callahan, who started the season with a major shoulder issue and in a new turn of events, he suffered a broken thumb, blocking a shot, late in the game against the Bruins this week. The prognosis isn't good for the gritty forward, as he is now expected to be out 3-to-4 weeks with the injury.

In his first five games of the season, Callahan has registered 3 goals, which was good for 208th in scoring, after Thursday night's action.

This won't help Callahan's reputation on the injury-prone list, but that shouldn't come as too much as a surprise, especially if he is still out there blocking shots.  There is an inherent risk when you're getting in front of slapshots.

ImplicationsCallahan belongs to Cindy in the draft this year and this being Callahan's second injury of the year, isn't helping her cause very much. Cindy finished Thursday night in 19th place, now 20 points out of the money.  Cindy topped out at 15th place at the end of Week Two and with some of her injury problems, that may be the highest she'll be for the foreseeable future.

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