Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Team to Earn Goalie Points (Oct 10)

On Wednesday, the day kind of got away from me, so there wasn't an update on this race, which was too bad, because with two starts on Tuesday night, Benson, did indeed, get himself stricken from the list.  We are now down to six teams on list, even after the three games that went on Wednesday night.

Benson got his win and he did move up in the standings, gone up from 24th on Tuesday afternoon to 21st, heading into Thursday's action.  That's progress, thanks to some goalie points.

Going into Thursday's action, Tony has now dropped down to 10th, as the highest team in the standings, without goalie points.  Cindy moved up to 14th, despite no goalie points, Stacey C. is down to 19th, Clayton is down to 20th, John is down at 22nd and Stuart is in 23rd.

Will anyone find their way off the list tonight?  Six teams, 12 goalies on the list... let's see who's up.

Colorado @ Boston... J-S Giguere is scheduled to get the start for the Avalanche and he belongs to Clayton, giving him one of his first starts of the season.

Columbus @ Buffalo... it sounds like Ryan Miller is going to be back in the net for the Sabres tonight, which is good news for Tony, who has missed out on a couple starts.  Unfortunately, Stuart wasn't able to capitalize on those starts with Jhonas Enroth.

Carolina @ Washington... looks like Stacey C. has a shot to get off the list with this game, assuming that Braden Holtby gets the start.  Holtby has been off to a slow start, so it is hard to say whether or not he'll get the start or they'll defer it to Michal Neuvirth.

Phoenix @ Detroit... nothing here.

Florida @ Tampa Bay... Clayton has a second shot at getting off the snide, as Jacob Markstrom is scheduled to get the start for the Panthers, as Tim Thomas is now on the shelf with a sore groin.

Toronto @ Nashville... nothing of note here either.

Winnpeg @ Minnesota... or here.

Montreal @ Edmonton... The word is that Devan Dubnyk is going to get another shot tonight against the Canadiens, who played the night before in Calgary.  This is good news for Stacey C., who has a second shot at a win as well.

San Jose @ Vancouver... goalies have already won here.

New York @ Anaheim... these ones as well.

So, it looks like Clayton and Stacey C. have the best chance to knock off this list with two starts each, while Tony should get one shot at it as well.  If all goes well for these teams, we'll be down to three without goalie points.

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