Friday, September 02, 2005

Know Your Opponents

The great Canadian armchair activity, the hockey pool, is something that is generally taken to heart. A person's passion for the sport gets vented into an illegal gambling game where he (or she) gets the chance to manage their own squad of players to win the big prize in June. It's pretty intoxicating for some... until they start losing and then they couldn't be bothered.

In the past seasons, I have seen many a passionate person take on the hockey pool and more often than not... they'll always use their passion of their favourite team to influence who they pick. Like the English football fans, a proud supporter of a team is very vocal about their team... I am no exception...


In the past, I have been influenced by the Canucks to make some less-than-favourable decisions come draft day and that's the same for the Flames, Canadiens and Leafs fans that I've also drafted with.

When you sit around the table... or even before that, find out who will be drafting with you... you must realize that some players may go ahead of their suggested position, just to be sure someone's favourite player is on their team. It happens.

There are two types of hockey poolies, in my experience... the before mentioned, passionate poolies and then there is the strategic poolies. It's rare to have both qualities in one poolie, but I suppose that can happen.

Against your strategic poolies, you can generally assure yourself of what they're gonna do within the first few picks. The strategy can be safe or it can be a lot more gambles... if I'm not overly passionate, I like to gamble. I don't like the obvious picks, the aging players and I'm swingin' for the fence on a lot of my picks.

When you know who your opponents are, then you can prioritize your list of players accordingly... if you know that you won't be getting Jose Theodore in the first round because there is a Hab fan in front of you in the order, don't hold your breath... if you pass out then the draft gets held up and no one likes that.

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