Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pool Market Watch

Well, I like to think of pre-draft days as analyzing the league like the stock market... come draft day, you have to buy shares of your players that you think will perform over the season. Today, the reading in the league should make for some interesting movements:

The hype in Pittsburgh is looking more and more real. Sidney Crosby, the player under the microscope this summer, is apparently looking quite good and not out of place in the Pittsburgh camp. 3 assists in the inter-squad game today... 2 being quite good... would increase his value to me. Crosby, LeClair and Recchi up 5 points.

Alexander Ovechkin, the 1st overall pick in 2004, will not travel with the Capitals for the first two exhibition games. There was no official reason as to why he will be missing these games, but coach Glen Hanlon says that the Russian's place on the team is secured. Is he in game shape at the moment? Ovechkin down 5 points.

Word out of Columbus is that superstar, Rick Nash will miss the entire training camp with a sprained ankle. Will he miss more time? Was he physically fit before hand? These are both questions that would need to be answered before I take part in the draft. I like Nash a lot and I think he has the strength to make it through the injury and be a big part of the team. Nash no change.

Patrik Elias will miss at least the first 10 games of the season according to the Devils organization. His contraction of Hepatitis A will keep him on the sidelines for a good portion of the early part of the season. Elias will not risk damage to his liver and pancreas in this stage of his career and the Devils could use the CBA agreement in their favour if Elias misses more time than 10 games, because every game gets knocked off their cap counting salary total. Elias down 30 points.

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