Monday, September 19, 2005

Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night I have my first hockey pool draft of the season at the Wildfire. The test run of sorts to see how they'll run this year... but for real. Not really a test.

Points of interest in this pool, which I'll recap afterwards... probably on Wednesday. I think this draft will give a good idea on a few things...
  • Where will Sidney Crosby be drafted?
  • Will Ilya Kovalchuk be drafted?
  • Is Mario Lemieux still a first round pick?
  • Will Pavel Datsyuk be picked?
  • What kind of picks will Patrik Elias & Sami Kapanen turn into, if at all?

There's probably quite a few more questions, but I can't think of them at the moment. All the secrets of the draft tomorrow will all be uncovered... it may give a good heads up on where you may want to slot in some of your favourite players... then again, every pool is different!

If you're wondering why Datsyuk's name was mentioned in the questions... there are reports that he might come back to Detroit for the start of the season. If the Red Wings are gonna shell out some serious dough for Datsyuk, then the whole team will get a little bit better. Buyer beware though... if you're drafting soon, I wouldn't be too gung-ho on picking him up right away... unless you're the gambling type. Keep an eye on it... if it happens this week, then I'd rate him up pretty high. You don't want it to linger.

Peter Bondra has been in camp with Atlanta for the last little while and over the weekend he put pen to paper to make it all offical. With the lack of Kovalchuk in camp, the Thrashers needed someone of some scoring talent to make their team a little more formidable. The Hockey News has Kovalchuk rated at 101 points this season and there is no way Bondra is gonna put those numbers up... unless he takes exception to some hockey pool sites.

From one poolie to another... go out and get yourself the Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide. I've been buying this since I ever knew they exsisted... it's not gospel, but it certainly puts more names on your list that you may have forgotten about.

Keep your head up and stick on the ice!

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