Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bryzgalov Suffering From Concussion Symptoms

The high hit that Ilya Bryzgalov took from Dallas Stars forward Ryan Garbutt on the weekend was indeed enough to give the new Oilers keeper a concussion and he will now follow the NHL protocol set out for all players that have suffered a concussion, meaning that he will be out for at least a week, possibly more.  Edmonton coach Dallas Eakins explained on Tuesday that Bryzgalov was suffering from the symptoms of a concussion/whiplash and Jason LaBarbera was called up to back-up Devan Dubnyk.

The signing of Bryzgalov was meant to turn the Oilers around as an organization, as the team wasn't doing so well beforehand and management figured goaltending could have been shored up.  Dubnyk did pick up his socks after the signing, but Bryzgalov's minutes were seemingly guaranteed, despite their current number one's play.

Since his arrival with the team, Bryzgalov made four appearances in the Oilers crease, making three starts and going 1-1-0 in that time, with 1 shutout.  That was good enough for 4 points.

ImplicationsCertainly, this wasn't the start to Bryzgalov's Oilers career that John S. was hoping for when he took him in the Waiver Draft a couple of weeks ago.  John was just about to see his team rocket up the standings with a couple new gems in his line-up, but now, one of those gems has been muddied for an indefinite period of time and the rocketing has likely been grounded, depending on the rest of his team.

As of Tuesday afternoon, John's team sits in 20th place, only 4 points out of 17th, 24 points out of the top 10.  If Bryzgalov can be back within the week's protocol, this may not be as devastating as it could be.

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