Monday, February 10, 2014

Entries Into the 2014 Olympic Selection Sheet Pool Now Accepted

There hasn't been a lot of fanfare for the Olympic Pool this year, but I wasn't quite sure how popular it was going to be.  Hell, I haven't even done any snazzy new graphics for it quite yet, but the selection sheet has been done for a while and is available, via e-mail or by shooting me a quick text.

Here are the details... I have a selection sheet with 20 boxes: 12 forwards, six defensemen and a couple of goalies, with players from all the teams mixed in and throughout, trying to keep to mostly NHL talent.  Select a player from each box, no limits on countries, as it will be a sprint to the finish.

Beware: The selection sheet was completed a couple of weeks ago, so there are a few landmines, in terms of players on the sheet, not participating in the tournament, due to injury.  Henrik Sedin, Vladimir Sobotka, Mikko Koivu, Valtteri Filppula... just to name a few.

Scan your sheet, e-mail it to me and we can work out a way to get the entry fee, $10, winner take all, to me.  I would prefer an Interac e-mail Money Transfer, as it's really easy and I'd pay your winnings that way as well.

The deadline for entries is tomorrow night, 7pm MT, as I would like to have everything in for the start of the tournament.

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