Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 26)

The Boston Bruins will open up their post-Olympic campaign on Wednesday with a game against the Buffalo Sabres, who opened up last night. The Bruins have already announced that they will go with Chad Johnson in net and that Tuukka Rask won't travel with the team to Buffalo for the game, giving him a little extra time off to rest up from his bronze medal winning performance in Sochi over the break.  Rask will return to the net for the team's next game, Saturday afternoon, home to the Washington Capitals.

Rask belongs to Wes in the pool, who currently sits in 15th place in the standings.  Wes has relied heavily on his goalies this season, who have made up 26% of his team's points through Tuesday night.  It isn't a good sign when two positions on your roster is making up more than a quarter of your overall total.

As expected, there were a couple of returns on Tuesday night, as both forward Matt Moulson and defenseman Tyler Myers returned for the Buffalo Sabres, as they visited the Carolina Hurricanes for their make-up game to open up the schedule.  Moulson was effective in his return, notching an assist in the 3-2 win for his side, while Myers had a solid 23 minutes on the ice, but no points to show for his efforts.

Wes did get a point on Tuesday night from Moulson in the return, which won't really make up for the loss of Rask tonight, but it is still something.  Benson welcomed back Myers, who missed a couple games before the break, but could have used some points to jump up in the race.

An injury update, as the Detroit Red Wings get started tonight in Montreal... defenseman Jakub Kindl will not dress tonight or tomorrow night in Ottawa, as his knee sprain has not fully recovered over the break.  The injury did force him to miss out on his Olympic spot with the Czech Republic and it sounds like he's going to need a bit more time.  Kindl remains on the IR with no actual timetable for a return.

With his time on the IR, it means his projected games come off, which sends Benson down into the basement with Wilton and Doug with 28 games left to play this week from his team.

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