Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scoring in the 2014 Olympic Selection Sheet Pool

Something I didn't mention in my original posting was how this pool is going to be scored, which is probably very important to how this operation works, right?

1 point - goals, assists and game-winning goals
2 points - win, shutout

It's really that easy.  Now, since the playoff rounds will have shootouts to decide winners, hopefully we don't have that sort of thing in the medal round, shootout winning goals will count, only in the game-winning goal column.  Shootout goals will not count in the goal column.

In order to settle any ties in points, the first tie-breaker is goals scored, next is wins and finally, game-winners.  If a team is to have the same across the board and win the pool, the prize will be split.

Nice and easy, right?  Right.

Good luck to everyone!

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