Thursday, May 12, 2016

Afternoon Player Notes in the Playoffs (May 12)

If the pattern that has developed in this series says anything about the result of tonight's Game 7... well, the San Jose Sharks should have nothing to worry about, since they are playing at home.  But the mantra going into this one for the Nashville Predators will be... this is why we play the game on the ice and not on paper.

I have a good feeling about this game and I'm really glad I'll be able to watch it.

Each game in this series has been won by the home team in this series, but most of these games have been very close, which means that the thread that this pattern hangs on is very thin and could break at the most inopportune time for tonight's home team.

Goaltending has been at its best in this series, as Pekka Rinne and Martin Jones have been able to put on some very good shows thus far.  So much so, that I could see this being a 0-0 tie heading into extra time, as both keepers really take it up a notch, trying not to let his side down on the night.

If the Predators can come out of this game victorious, Kristy's 2nd place team has an outside shot at closing the gap between her team and Stuart's team, as her side actually has some Nashville players, where Stuart's does not.  Kristy's team doesn't have any St. Louis players, though, which would make that Conference Finals all the more interesting, wouldn't you say?

This game gets started at 7pm MT from San Jose, giving us all an extra hour for those overtime periods, which seem destined to happen.

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