Monday, August 15, 2016

2017 Pool Projections

There! All 30 teams are now published on the blog with their 2017 projections, but take them with a grain of salt... I am a crazy person, after all.

Everyone is looking to pool guides and all sorts of magazines for pool help, but some of those are not really as dynamic as the blog, because of publishing times and such, so I do like to offer up a brand of my own thinking, based on my pool that I run every year.

Saying that, here's what you have to consider when looking at my posts:
  1. In order to be pool worthy, a player's projected points needed to fall into a position where they would be taken among 27 teams (last year's participation), in the 14 rounds (8 forwards, 4 defensemen and 2 goalies).
  2. The 75-point range is good enough to make a player 1st round worthy
  3. In a quick mock draft, 30 points was the lowest forward taken, 20 points was the lowest defenseman taken and 15 points was the lowest goalie taken
Of course, your pool isn't likely going to be the same as mine, so do consider this to be just a guideline of thought, more than actually me telling you that you should pick such and such a player at this time, because that's silly.

More things to consider, this is the middle of August and we are still a long ways away from hockey pool drafts, unless you're taking part in the World Cup of Hockey draft, then it isn't quite as far away, but you know what I mean.  Things are going to change, injuries may occur at the World Cup, signings will happen, rookies will dazzle at training camp and so on and so forth.  As the Summer turns into Fall, I will have more updates on the blog and I will add some dynamic looks at these projections, so stay tuned as we move along.

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