Monday, August 22, 2016

World Cup Notes (Aug 22)

As you may have noticed, we're counting down to the World Cup of Hockey draft date on the right side of the screen. We are less than three weeks away from the draft itself, which isn't far away at all.

Excitement is starting to ramp up a little bit, as Sportsnet's marketing campaign is really hitting its stride, so you won't be able to get away from it, if you're watching Jays games or something similar.

With all of that being said, Sportsnet has now released the calendars for all the pre-tournament action, including the practices and exhibition games.  Everything appears to be getting started on September 5th, when all of the players start reporting for their mini-camps, likely to assess the team's strategies and plans for the tourney itself.

There won't be a great deal of coverage on the blog, it will be saved more for the roster moves, if there are injuries and other miscellaneous moves.  Everything that will be covered on the tournament itself, will be easily accessible by using the tag for the World Cup, which you can see here.  We've already seen some player movement, so stay up to date.

Roster sheets will be provided at the draft, so everyone will be prepared the same way, come draft day.  It should be a fun one, I'm thinking.  It will certainly give me a good dry run for the main show, which will go on October 8th.

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