Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2018 Hockey Pool Draft Day Announced!

The announcement is coming a little bit later than normal, but that's okay, we're still weeks away, so there was still no real rush to get it out.  Nevertheless, the hockey pool draft has been booked and locked in, so the countdown begins!

Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 1pm

We're going to be rocking the Beagle14 for this year's event, one of my local haunts in the Kensington area.  They've got a separate section, which isn't really closed off like some of the other spots, but it's still segregated enough that we should have a good time.  Click here for their location on Google Maps.  They already have some pretty good specials on Saturday, like a $10 steak sandwich, so if you're in for lunch, you'll be taken care of.

So, more importantly, nothing has changed for the coming year.  The game remains the same, playing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place money, the trophy and we'll have three mini-games (determined by the wheel o' mini-games after the draft has concluded).

The format shall remain the same, in terms of team sizes and scoring... why mess with a good thing?  14 players, which will include eight forwards, four defensemen and a pair of goalies.  The scoring will be as follows:
  • goal - 1 point
  • assist - 1 point
  • win - 2 points
  • shutout - 2 points
The NHL season gets started on Wednesday, October 3rd, so the draft is the last Saturday before puck drop, which should have already provided us some full NHL rosters, with most of the cuts already been done.  

In terms of player swaps throughout the year, the preseason concludes that weekend, there will be games both Saturday and Sunday, which does have a risk of injury, so there will be a preseason Waiver Draft, in the first come, first serve function.  Everyone should start the season with a healthy team.  There will be two mid-season Waiver Drafts again this season, at the one-third and the two-thirds mark of the season, dates will be announced at the draft.  So, don't worry... you'll get to move some injured players (eventually).

Stuart is our reigning champion and if you would like his contact info before the event, I would be more than happy to give it to you, just to make sure he doesn't forget the trophy.  We all want something to drool over, before the event, right?

Okay, I think that sums it all up... spread the word, friends of friends are always welcome!  We'll see you soon.

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